As someone who lives in the City of Vaughan, I understand the need to address our traffic and gridlock issues. I will continue to work with all levels of government to ensure that we improve traffic by providing seamless and accessible infrastructure.

I want you to spend less time commuting and more time with your families doing the things you love.

As your Mayor, I will take action and find more innovative solutions to move people more quickly, efficiently and safely.

Mayoral Candidate Sandra Yeung Racco, Chair of the Vaughan International Music Festival, and Vice-Chair, Peter Cortellucci, announced a $200,000 Vaughan International Music Festival Scholarship for the Arts program in a special video presentation.

Sustainable Growth is a PRIORITY – A vibrant and livable community must focus on sustainability where everyone has access to parks, open spaces and pedestrian and cycling trails.

Sandra Yeung Racco, City of Vaughan Councillor, and public servant who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the citizens of Vaughan for more than 18 years is answering the call to step up and be the next Mayor of Vaughan. First elected in 2003, Sandra is currently the longest serving Asian female politician in the City of Vaughan and York Region.

Enrico Colantoni, Canadian Actor and Director, Honourary Campaign Chair, expressed his support and endorsement for Sandra Yeung Racco in this statement.