Platform and Endorsement Released by Bevilacqua Today Reaffirms That Sandra Yeung Racco is the Right Candidate for the Job

VAUGHAN, ON (October 6, 2022) – The following statement was issued by Sandra Yeung Racco today about the joint platform and endorsement from Bevilacqua in the Vaughan Mayoral race: 

“I am glad that Steven approves and endorses the programs currently in place that I have been a part of initiating, including the many small business programs and other factors that have created the Vaughan Advantage, adding over 130 km of trails, sidewalks and multi-use pathways in the past 2 years and maintaining one of the lowest property tax rates in the GTA. 

This just further validates my leadership and proven results over the past 18 plus years, and I will continue to deliver on these important objectives for the citizens of Vaughan.

The Mayor speaks of integrity, but integrity is not about building secret deals and two-way accords to benefit only each other. Integrity is not about backroom politics and the good old boys club of fear and intimidation. As the only candidate with experience and as a strong female leader, I am about inclusivity, cooperation and a shared vision. That is what defines integrity, and I can assure the people, I will work for and with everyone, equally.

This newly unveiled Bevilacqua-DelDuca Accord is not a platform – it is current accomplishments and programs that the City already has in place, it simply exemplifies a candidate who lacks experience and is riding on the coattails of the current Mayor, parroting Council’s current initiatives that are already underway or complete.

I am very disappointed that the current Mayor has thrown his support behind someone with no municipal experience and or successful track record. My colleagues and I knew this endorsement was coming, which is why no one else chose to step up and run.

I love Vaughan, I chose to raise my family here, and I love serving the citizens. I am proud of my work and accomplishments over the past 18-plus years, and I know I am the best candidate to move this City forward, which is why I decided to run.

Ultimately, voters will decide whom they want as their next Mayor. I don’t believe they want someone who lacks experience, who has total disregard for municipal bylaws, and who manipulated staff reports. Vaughan needs to vote for someone who has a proven track record and established experience. My record speaks for itself, and I am happy to keep knocking on doors and speaking to people about what I have done and what I can continue to do.

I will continue to ensure good value for your tax dollar. For the past 12 years, Vaughan has consistently had one of the lowest tax rates in the GTA, and I am committed to keeping tax rates low while delivering exceptional customer service and advancing city-building through innovative smart technology solutions.

I am an advocate for Smart City technologies and sat on the Smart City Task Force as Vice Chair from 2018-2022. This Task Force was responsible for launching a number of innovative initiatives throughout the City, including Smart Parks, a streetlight retrofit program with integrated technology and a cost savings of $1 million per year, 24-hour stormwater pond automated monitoring and AI data collection for road-related issues.

I will continue working with all levels of government to ensure we improve transportation infrastructure through seamless connections that are accessible to all. I have been instrumental in advancing projects, including the TTC subway extension, GO parking expansion and Langstaff extension Environmental Assessment, and I will continue advocating for necessary improvements and strategies.

Community safety has also developed as a concern among residents, and I will continue to work with partners at YRP and our advocacy groups to address these growing concerns and implement initiatives and strategies to keep our community safe. There has been a rise in hate crimes, as well as local crime in the area, and I will commit to continue to provide YRP and organizations with the resources and tools they need. Education is a key component as well.  Although Vaughan continues to be one of the safest communities in Canada, there is still much work to be done. As Mayor, I will continue to work with my strategic partners, all levels of government and our community groups to ensure the City of Vaughan continues to be the most desirable place to live, work and play.

As the Chair of the Economic and Prosperity Taskforce and Director of the Tourism Vaughan board, I recognize small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create jobs and deliver vital services.  I will continue to support by implementing programs and opportunities to strengthen and empower Vaughan’s small business sector, making Vaughan a destination where entrepreneurship, tourism, and art can prosper to create a thriving business community.

Vaughan continues to grow, and as Mayor, I want to develop more green spaces and amenities to ensure active and healthier lifestyles that create complete communities. During my past 18-plus years on Council, I have delivered more than 22 community and district parks, 2 new state-of-the-art community centres, a new library, more than 130 km of cycling facilities, and multi-use pathways and trails. I will continue to deliver recreational spaces and amenities so that every individual and family has programming and access to facilities that meet their needs.

I have been successfully elected 5 times as a Local Councillor, my experience and work ethic, combined with the many accomplishments I have delivered, demonstrate that I have the ability and vision to build on Vaughan’s successful legacy and continue our successful city-building efforts.

I have the proven experience and the proven leadership to be the next Mayor of Vaughan.”