Sandra Yeung Racco announces $200,000 Arts Scholarship for Vaughan

$200,000 Vaughan International Music Festival Arts Scholarship program will directly support students and the Vaughan community

VAUGHAN, ON (September 16, 2022) – Tonight, Mayoral Candidate Sandra Yeung Racco, Chair of the Vaughan International Music Festival, and Vice-Chair, Peter Cortellucci, announced a $200,000 Vaughan International Music Festival Scholarship for the Arts program in a special video presentation.

“This summer, we launched the inaugural Vaughan International Music Festival (VIMF), a three-day event that brought the community together through music to celebrate Vaughan’s cultural diversity.

I am committed to ensuring Vaughan has thriving arts and culture communities and programs. And this year, I committed that VIMF would create a scholarship in support of the arts.

Today, as Chair of the Vaughan International Music Festival, I am excited to announce that the VIMF will be awarding $200,000 towards a scholarship program for multiple arts disciplines, benefiting students studying the arts or in the process of applying to post-secondary programs within the community at large. 

More details on the application process will be forthcoming in the near future. I will continue to work with Arts institutions and education program providers to grow the program and create more opportunities for all.

I am committed and steadfast in helping to further develop Vaughan’s vibrant arts and cultural programs and communities.” Sandra Yeung Racco said in an announcement video

The scheduled announcement event has been postponed out of respect for the late Queen Elizabeth II, during the state of mourning in the City of Vaughan.

Peter Cortellucci, Vice-chair of the Vaughan International Music Festival provided the following statement to mark the announcement: “This is an amazing milestone for the VIMF, and for the City of Vaughan. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is finding its identity through the celebration of the arts. Events like the VIMF bring people together through a universal language and creates a true sense of community. We are excited to announce the Vaughan International Music Festival Scholarship program because it will help nurture and grow this important arts scene and continue to foster the passion for the arts to so many deserving youth and the community at large.”

Application process inquiries or sign-ups to receive additional details can be sent to